how to get more impressions on fiverr

fiverr is a good platform for freelancing, especially when you are starting, however fiverr being a huge marketplace has a lot of competition and its difficult for our gigs to get noticed. however, you can maximize your reach using some of the principles that i tried. but you should note that there are no magical ways that always work, this is a guide but not a magic spell.

gig title must be somewhere between generic and specific

most important thing on any platform is title. most important thing to understand is that there are thousands of gigs already available and no one scrolls thousands of gigs when they can find what they need only from top 10 gigs. so you need to narrow down your scope. you should not offer broad-scope services such as "i will make a website for you in html, css, js" ofcourse this gig is going to fall in the generic category where tens of thousands of such gigs already are present. - instead, you need to dig deeper and narrow down your scope to a level so that the number of buyers searching for, and the number of gigs under that search results are balanced enough for your gig to appear somewhere on top 20.

gig description should focus more on keywords than on actual message

people are in hurry, and they dont have too much time to read every detail you write in gig description. so you should utilize description are to include as many keywords as possible for your gig.

use the following gig title template

"i will make/do/develop/design [service_offered] using [technology_used]"
this template ensures that all keywords related to the service you offer are included in gig title. like if you develop a game using godot engine, compare following 2 titles and tell me what title contains more keywords that lead to same service:
  1. i will make mobile games for you
  2. i will make mobile game using godot, unity or unreal

gig image should contain clearly-defined shapes to catch attention, generic patterns are ignored

go to fiverr search and search for a gig yourself, and tell me what gigs caught your attention. among hundereds of gigs on same screen, ones having vibrant colors and clearly-defined shapes are the ones that catch attention. - those images which contain general patterns are ignored by brain.


you can perform various other experiments and see how your rankings are affected. for each change you make, wait for 2 days to properly see the difference.

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