semester project ideas for students

semester project ideas for university students

while you may already have chatgpt'ed this and of course chatgpt gives complex and crazy ideas. that's why I'm writings here. so here are my ideas of semester projects:

make management systems

these are the most common type of semester projects. you can make any kind of management systems, let me give a few examples:
  1. gym management system
  2. school management system
  3. library management system
  4. ANYTHING management system
in these projects, you'll be using your programming languages to make a simple program that helps in management of the task. such as storing names, grades, etc of students if you make school management system.

make text-based games

you can make text based games. one of the ideas is to make a game in which player is drawn as a text character and after drawing, screen clears and the next frame is drawn again, mimicking video games. this is possible if you are good enough with patterns in programming.

make video games

this is a bit complex, but its possible. you can make small video games using some libraries. you dont need to make all details, just a character, some obstacles and a point where we have to reach and win.

make your own algorithms

you can make your own algorithms such as a search algorithm, that searches on a large dataset. these kinds of projects are useful, but i'm not sure if they are gonna impress your professor.

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