using chatgpt for writing text has become a bad idea

perhaps everyone started using chatgpt for writing text. i have noticed a distinct chat gpt pattern in texts of every recent youtube video, blog post and assignment work. this has made the quality of lacking in true spirit.

text looks insincere & lack quality

even if the text appears perfect, it is not desirable to read this kind of robotic text. if you ask chat gpt to write stories, and it writes one for you, would you still want to read it? no. perhaps it lacks the feeling inside of it.
same is true for assignments and almost everything except technical texts.

this chatgpt text has become cheaper

its really available and lost its quality. everyone knows its AI text, so no one wants to read it. on the other hand, text written by one's thoughts is expensive to produce and is rich in quality. people actually want to read it.


chatgpt is indeed useful, but it should not be forced in everything. creativity has become expensive since chatgpt has landed.

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